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Human-Earth Microbes and Microbiomes.


Microbial communities play important roles in bio-cycles in all ecosystems. Recently, metagenomics has been developed to measure functions in ecosystems, but this approach is cost-intensive. We developed a novel method for the rapid and efficient reconstruction of a virtual metagenome in environmental microbial communities without using large-scale (meta)genomic sequencing [Okuda, S. et al. Nat. Commun. 3:1203 2013].
Here we have developing a novel database, HEMM (Human-Earth Microbes and Microbiomes), of microbes and microbiomes related to human and environments on Earth. HEMM aims to collect microbial genomes and virtual metagenomes reconstructed from 16S rRNAs in microbial communities in every biosphere on a human body and Earth that researchers have been and will be investigated.

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Statistics of HEMM

Number of samples 5772
Last update 10/07/2014
Sample information
Environmental categoryNumber of samples
Atmosphere 30
Geosphere 1494
Hydrosphere 1639
Organism association 2223
Human activity association 831
Disease involving body sites 135
Disease involving unidentified body site 23